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Fiber optic system has become very commonplace in the communication infrastructure, including CATV (Cable Television) network. Most large city CATV system has been converted to fiber optic backbones which allow voice and data transmission in addition to video. The rapid growth and expansion of CATV system was designed to support multiple services include television broadcasting, high-speed Internet, and video on demand service.


JTOPTICS fiber optic assembly products ensure reliability and the ability to offer enhanced services for CATV network system. The enormous numbers of repeaters used in a broadcast cable network are a big potential source of failure. CATV system's tree and branch architecture means an upstream failure causes failure for all downstream users, thus reliability is a big issue.


When it comes to Cable Networks, planning is paramount and key to establishing a reliable high speed IP network over a DOCSIS based CATV (Community Access Television) HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) plant.  We have the knowledge and resources to extend the life of a service provider's cable assets. In addition to helping our MSO clients meet increased service and bandwidth demands to address competition and ensure cable asset longevity; we can help evaluate next generation product offerings to support new services and revenue streams.

JT offers solutions to many modern challenges Cable/MSOs are facing. Next Generation applications and devices continue to converge to IP, but increasing bandwidth is not enough. The demand for services such as; IP Voice, IPTV, VOD, and advanced business services such as transparent LANs and MPLS implementations continue to grow, reinforcing the fact that offering these next generation services is necessary to stay competitive in this changing market. JT can work with you to analyze the network in order to determine how to deploy these services or to isolate problems and identify potential improvements to the current design, configuration, hardware, software, head end and HFC components.

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