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Report Abuse and Take Down Policy

Last updated on December 26, 2020
Since JTOPTICS is an online market place and an intermediary as defined by applicable law, JTOPTICS is not obliged to monitor or control the Products being sold on WWW.JTOPTICS.COM ("Website") or monitor or control any other content on the Website. However, JTOPTICS at its discretion and in accordance with applicable law may choose to monitor any Products or other content and may remove any such content from the Website if JTOPTICS determines in its sole discretion that such content is in violation of JTOPTICS's policies or any applicable law. 
Report of Violations of Policy or Law

If you believe that there is any content available on the Website which is contrary to JTOPTICS's policies or applicable law ("Objectionable Content"), then please notify to the JTOPTICS Grievance Officer at the email id provided in JTOPTICS Privacy Policy ("Objectionable Content Notice"). When you send such Objectionable Content Notice, please ensure that your notification contains the following details:


1. Your name, email id, phone number and postal address

2. The exact nature of the Objectionable Content (such as whether the Objectionable Content is a Product being sold by a Seller on the Website or is a Product review or a Product description)

3. The exact location (including the relevant web page) where the Objectionable Content appears

4. Why do you consider the content to be objectionable?

Report Of Violations Of Your Intellectual Property Rights

JTOPTICS also respects the intellectual property rights of all entities. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated in any manner, please submit the Notice of Infringement of Intellectual Property Form. Please send the duly filed out IP Infringement Notice via email. Any incomplete or improperly filled out document may not be considered. 

When You send us an Objectionable Content Notice or and IP Infringement Notice (collectively referred to as "Notice(s)"

1. You declare that all statements made by you are true;

2. You acknowledge and agree that we may share your Notice to third parties including the parties involved in the allegedly objectionable activities / infringing activities, our group companies, our advisors and other third parties;

3. You agree to indemnify JTOPTICS and its group companies against all claims which may arise in connection with such a Notice being made by You.

Once we receive a Notice

1. We will evaluate the contents of the Notice

2. We may take such action as we deem appropriate in keeping with our policies and applicable law which may include, asking further details from you or taking down the content that was the subject matter of Your Notice.

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