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JT MOBILITY IEC62196-2 Type2 AC Dummy Socket Holder Type 2 EV Plug

The JT Mobility holder is designed to assist you in neatly storing your Type 2 female (Electric Vehicle end) plug near the home charging station or charger when it is not in use. This product is engineered to be stronger, anti-aging, more environmentally friendly, and halogen-free. It offers increased resistance to bending, ensuring a longer service life.Our engineers at JT Mobility have designed the IEC Dummy socket based on real usage scenarios. The EVSE plug holder is crafted to protect core contacts, exhibiting high carrying capacity, and boasting a long mechanical life.After completing the charging process and disconnecting the cable from the car, it is recommended to store the cable in a warm and dry place for 24 hours. For optimal longevity and organization, the dummy socket serves as the perfect solution to keep your cable neatly organized and protected.Type-2 AC Dummy Socket Holder for IEC-62196-2 Type 2 EV PlugAnti-flaming materialPressure-resistant, abrasion resistance, impa..

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