The Role of High-Density MPO MTP Cabling in Data Centers

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Data centre cabling environments are rapidly evolving to meet the increasing demand for higher capacity and more efficient use of space, while also preparing for future advancements. It's essential for organisations to prioritise the immediate functionality of their data centre cabling. Moreover, a strategically planned cabling solution is vital for ensuring that projects are completed on time providing a solid foundation for future growth and flexibility.


Data centres are constantly evolving, particularly as the shift towards 100G, and 400G networks becomes inevitable. This trend drives the need for greater bandwidth and higher density optical connectivity. Consequently, the increased port density results in higher power consumption, pushing data centres to seek more efficient solutions.

MTP/MPO technology addresses this challenge effectively by providing a robust and dependable solution.

The extensive use of fibre optic  in data centres has shown a significant increase in bandwidth demand over recent years. Leveraging the next generation of fibre and optical modules can unlock further potential in fibre-optic network bandwidth. Multimode fibre jumpers are cost-effective, enhancing their appeal and application in data centres.

What makes MPO/MTP cables such indispensable components in modern data centre infrastructures?

In high-speed data transmission applications, such as 100G, and 400G, devices like QSFP optical modules require efficient port connection solutions. Regardless of the Fiber Channel connection type or number of fibre connections, When we are talking about high speed data transmission MTP®/MPO connectors are essential for direct connections. These connectors ensure the correct alignment of transmitter and receiver channels between devices, which is important  for maintaining efficient and reliable  data transmission. Thus, MTP®/MPO technology is vital in forming the necessary connections for these high-speed applications.

JTOPTICS MPO cable is designed for high-density application which offers excellent benefits in terms of installation time and space saving. The cable assemblies are best for data centre applications for 40-100-400G connectivity.


Types of MPO/MTP Cables Applicable in Data Centre


MPO/MTP Trunk Cable Vital for Data Centre

MPO/MTP trunk cables are terminated with a connector (female/male) on both ends, which are available in 8-24 fibre MPO-8 is the most common connector because of the wide spread 100G Ethernet connections that are used for almost all 100G SR4 connections and utilise 8 available strands, where 4 lanes Transmit (Tx) and 4 lanes Receive (Rx) data signals. 8-fibre MTP®/MPO connectors are the earliest developed and most commonly used solution in 10G-40G, 40G-100G connections. If they are used in 40G QSFP+ or 100G QSFP28 transceivers, 4 fibres will be idle, resulting in low fibre utilisation.

JTOPTICS® MPO trunk patch cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fibre patching in data centres which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles. MPO trunk type is for 40G QSFP+ SR4/CSR4, 100G QSFP28 SR4/PSM4, 400G SR4/DR4, optics direct connection and high-density data centre applications.


Breakout Cable 400G to 4×100G Connection needed for Data Centre

In large data centres with multiple cabinets or racks, breakout cables can be used to interconnect equipment located in different areas. They provide a convenient solution for routing optical signals between various parts of the data centre.


MPO breakout cable allows the redistribution of various optical fibres to individual devices without additional networking equipment as a way to consolidate and provide compact cross-connection across the infrastructure. They are widely used in campus, telecom, data centre and corporate networks. JTOPTICS®  MPO harness cables reduce the overall cost and setup time for complex high-density networking and are used in data centre, telecom and backbone applications for 40G / 100G /200G/ 400G connectivity.



  1. Data Center SAN (Storage Area Network)

MTP/MPO plug and play modules have been widely used in data centres, such as backbone products supporting hundreds of optical ports. Therefore, single cabinets must hold quantities of optical interconnections and patch cords. Since SAN needs high-density and modular cabling for easy reconfiguration, MTP/MPO plug and play modules are perfect to meet the requirements of these infrastructures


  1. Data Center Co-Location

Co-location data centres require flexibility of network expansions for new customers or new services. The pre-terminated UHD (ultra high density) MTP/MPO system is ideal for fast and rapid deployment or expansions in these networks.


  1. Enterprise/Campus

UHD system modules can be installed in enterprise or campus networks using “plug and play” MTP/MPO or “just play” pre-terminated modules. Installation is fast and easy, which requires no professional fibre optics knowledge. Traditional splicing installation techniques can also be applied. There is a wide selection of cable types including tight buffer, loose tube, micro cable, etc. for employment.


  1. Telecom Central Office

The UHD system has a small footprint and is perfect for reduced space in high-density rack environments. Modules can be pre-terminated or feature MTP/MPO ports for improved reconfiguration. In addition, they can be fitted with splice management for traditional installation techniques.


MTP and MPO fibre links, designed for compactness and pre-terminated for convenience, are capable of handling enormous bandwidths up to 400G. These cables offer a plug-and-play design, eliminating the need for installers to deal with hundreds or thousands of single- and 2-fibre connectors. MTP/MPO technology has emerged to fit a greater number of connectors into increasingly smaller spaces. This innovation dramatically reduces the time, effort, and space needed for network installation and deployment. Additionally, it simplifies future updates, additions, and modifications to structured cabling. With their high fibre density, MTP/MPO cables are ideally suited for data centres that face significant space limitations and manage extensive cabling systems.

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