Next-Gen Network Solution

Next-Gen Network Solution

Jayani Technologies LLP an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company founded in 2011. JTOPTICS is well known brand name in the field of data Centre, Telecommunication, which offers widest portfolio of Fibre Optic and networking products under its umbrella. We specialize in the manufacturing and create value to our partners through our fiber optic products and accessories range. Our product lines range from Optical Transceivers, MPO/MTP Cables, Patch Cables, High Density LIU/ODF, DAC and AOC cables.

JTOPTICS is one of the industry leaders in research and development, we focus on delivering high quality customer service and are accredited with ISO:9001. We offer a wide range of highly competitive active and passive fiber optics products. A strong research and development team delivers our customers with high performing products, while our pre-sale and post-sales team provides comprehensive support.

Our passive products are distinguished by our large capacity and high-end products. In terms of production capacity, JTOPTICS has an absolute advantage over our competitors and a key player in the field of passive product manufacturing. Possessing the following strengths and characteristics, JT has achieved a dominant position in both domestic and international markets. We have a strong technical & QC team with over 10 years extensive experience and highly competent employee’s base. We have over 10,000 square feet modern manufacturing plant, assured customer satisfaction, products quality and reliability through approvals from CE, FCC and ROHS, whilst maintaining competitive prices.

JTOPTICS® Fiber Solution simplifies the delivery of network services by providing reliable infrastructure components assembled and tested in a factory-controlled environment. Our end-to-end cabling system is an ideal solution for data centers specially when time for traditional cable installation and termination is limited and offer quick plug-in deployment for trouble free network performance.

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