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Hdmi Video Transmitter and Receiver Over Single Mode Optical Fiber Upto 10Km, Single fiber, SM, 1080p, Sc, 1310nm, 10km Pair

Full digital video  (HDMI) to Optical transceiver, it designed on real-time synchronize one-way high-definition HDMI video and data/ switching value in single-core optical fiber and achieve lossless and high-quality transfer. Advanced high-stability components are used in optic circuit and core circuit of JT high-definition full digital video optical transmitter and receiver, and all optical/electric interfaces are in accordance with international standards, free from prior adjustment to mounting and applicable in various operating environments. FEATURES•       FS3511-T/R supports WUXGA (1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz) or 1080P/1080i/1080p•       Support HDTV highest resolution 1080P3•       Support HDMI interface, compatible with HDMI 1.2a standard•       Support input and output signal indicating•       Pl..

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