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Horizontal Cable Manager With Finger Duct 1U Plastic Dual Sided

1U Horizontal Cable Management Panel ensures optimal cable radius preventing deterioration or breakage by providing proper bend radius protection. It manages cable within a rack or cabinet from the front and back with unique fingers designed to protect cables from damage. Flexible fingers maximize the care and protection of the equipment and cables, keeping the structured cabling system unhurt and totally functional. Lightweight plastic construction provides durability and easy installation. Removable top cover makes it easy to add or remove bundled cables quickly...

₹ 5,782.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 4,900.00

Sided Vertical Cable Manager 2 X 22.5U Sections With Cover 45U 4.9" Wide Plastic Single

45U Single Sided Vertical Cable Management with Cover, Vertical Cable Managers are designed to manage networking equipment in half the area required by traditional cable management systems. Molded cable management fingers, with integral bend radius control, combine with angled patch panels to eliminate the need for horizontal cable managers. This frees up rack space for additional patch panels, active equipment, or cable pathways reducing the number of racks that may be required for the network layout...

₹ 25,488.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 21,600.00

Vertical Cable Manager With Bend Radius Finger 5U 3'' Wide Plastic

5U Vertical Cable Manager Cable Management Bend Radius Finger Bracket provides extra-deep cable management capacity for applications that require large cable bundles or thick cables. Light in weight, this type of bracket can be installed in specific areas of the rack, rather than along its entire height. ..

₹ 2,265.60 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,920.00

1u Rack Mount Cable Manager For 19 Inch Rack

The Horizontal Cable Management Panels with D Rings are built with steel for strength and durability. Easily route large amounts of cable horizontally and vertically through robust rings. The D-Ring provides a creative solution for adding individual D-Ring to a rack or on a wall using appropriate fasteners. ..

₹ 1,062.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 900.00

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