JTOPTICS Portable Oxygen Concentrator / Medical Oxygen Concentrator (10L)

Y10W Portable oxygen concentrator is best suitable for medical use. It has been designed with a unique set of features to lower the costs of providing oxygen therapy while maintaining ease of use for patients.

  • Its pressure release can be up to 6PSI (0.041MPa), which will be made the patient feel more comfortable when inhaling oxygen;
  • Inner case housing adopt Ceramics technique, non-spray paint;
  • Customized mute cotton make sure non-pulverization phenomenon min 3 years;
  • The machine inside pipeline use the Medical class silicone tube and nylon tube, safer than industrial silicone tube and plastic tube, no pollution, no peculiar smell;    
  • Molecular sieve seal ring adopt medical silicon rubber material
  • Cooling system: copper tube and  aluminum fins, compare with only aluminum or copper tube better for heat dissipation and ensure the machine to continuously work for 24 hours without overheat interruption
  • With pressure sensor, it can be used in highland, and make sure the abundant oxygen;
  • Full functional alarms including high- & low-pressure alarm, high temperature alarm,  maintenance alarm, oxygen purity alarm, power failure alarm)


  • 50 decibel damping silent technology.
  • Eight-stage filtration upgrade system, no impurities, pure oxygen.
  • Dual Flows can be used for two people at same time.
  • Innovative cooling Technology to improve reliability and life of unit.
  • Nebulization is available.
  • LCD display, easy operation.
  • 1-10  liters of oxygen flow adjustment.
  • 24 x 7 Continuous oxygen supply


  • Oxygen Production Method: Molecular Sieve Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • Flow Rate:10L/min adjustable
  • Oxygen Concentration:93%±3% (2L)
  • Outlet Pressure 0.04 - 0.07MPA
  • Noise:≤50dB(A)
  • Rated Voltage:  AC 110V/AC 220
  • Rated Power: 550VA
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Package Weight: 26kg 
  • Product Size: 365*375*600mm 

JTOPTICS Portable Oxygen Concentrator / Medical Oxygen Concentrator (10L)

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