JTOPTICS offer a selection of Optical Fiber Testers & Tools to fit any fiber optic installation, maintenance and testing works.

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Cctv tester

CCTV tester PRO JT STest series is developed for the On-Site installation and mainten..

Fiber microscope with display - fis

JTFIM-5 Fiber Microscope is used to inspect end-face of fiber optic connectors. It magnifies 125um f..

Ip camera tester

3.5 inch Touch Screen IP camera tester is for maintenance and installation of IP camera and Analogue..

Live fiber identifier - lfd

Optical Live Fiber Identifier is a low cost. Portable instrument designed to detect optical signals ..

Mpo mtp laser source 12f system

Optical MPO Light Source is designed to use with our MPO Power Meter as a kit to measure Optical Pow..

Mpo mtp power meter 12f system

Optical MPO Power Meter is designed to measure Optical Power of MPO Cords which has 12 fibers and 24..

Optical fiber ranger

Optical Fiber Ranger is a high-performance fiber fault locator. LCD display the optical fiber fault ..

Optical laser source - ols

Handheld Laser source series is microprocessor-controlled intelligent Handheld Laser source. It can ..

Optical multimeter - pmls

Handheld Optical Multi Meter are versatile power measurement devices which can be used for optical p..

Optical power meter - opm

Handheld Optical power meter series with a chip microcomputer control and the large-screen graphics ..

Otdr single mode 28dB

With a short <2m dead zone the JT6416 is designed for FTTx application. It can test the..

Pon optical power meter - ppm

PON power meter is a tester designed for design, operation and maintenance of FTTX network. It is ab..

Variable Optical attenuator - voa

Variable optical attenuator is designed by our company according to the developing optical communica..

Visual fault locator - vfl

Visual Fault Locator VFL is specially designed for field personnel who need an efficient and ec..

Optical insertion lossreturn loss meter

Insertion/Return Loss Testing Meter provides a high reliable and stable performance. It is a multi-f..

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