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JTOPTICS objective with fiber optic solution to bring you the highest quality fiber optics products and components. We strive to bring you the latest fiber optic technology products, all at reasonable prices and best in quality.

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1:2 optical fiber splitter plc 1260nm – 1650nm abs type

PLC Splitters is branching devices that is used to distribute optical signals to multiple locations ..

Rs1,490.00 Rs1,415.50

1db lc upc male to female single mode ofc fixed attenuator

Fiber Optical Attenuator is used in fiber optic communications to reduce optical fiber pow..

Rs360.00 Rs342.00

6 port wallmount fiber abs termination box unloaded for indoor wall-mount

Fiber termination box (FTB), also called optical termination box (OTB) is a small size and compact f..

Rs600.00 Rs570.00

Cctv tester

CCTV tester PRO JT STest series is developed for the On-Site installation and mainten..

Rs15,835.00 Rs15,043.25

Connector cleaning cassette or fiber connector cleaner

The cassette cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning fiber connector end faces and will clean a..

Rs3,794.00 Rs3,654.30

Lc upc lc upc single mode duplex lszh 2mm patch cable or lc pc lc pc sm dx ofc patch cord

Single mode Telecom grade patch cords are designed for low loss telecommunication applications. The ..

Rs390.00 Rs370.50

Lc upc single mode optical fiber pigtail tight buffer 900 micron or lc upc ofc pigtail sm sx

Fiber optical pigtails are used in telecom, Datacom networks and also used for high speed metropolit..

Rs120.00 Rs114.00

Sc pc sc pc single mode simplex fiber optical adaptor coupler

Optical adaptor uses zirconia or Phosphor Bronze sleeve used for high precision alignment for reliab..

Rs40.00 Rs38.00

12 fiber inline splice closure or 12f horizontal ofc enclosure for underground optical fibre cable

Inline enclosure is suitable for protecting fiber cable splices in straight through and branching ap..

Rs1,800.00 Rs1,710.00

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