Disinfection Chamber for Covid-19 (Aarogya Dwar)

Disinfection Chamber for Covid-19 (Aarogya Dwar)

Aarogya Dwar is a Made in India Disinfection Chamber Tunnel can be used for multiple application of sanitization of human body. Our 360 degree whole body disinfection It provides whole body automatic disinfection, which can effectively kill all kinds of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms Food grade disinfectant Safe and non toxic to human body. Disinfection Anti epidemic chamber is suitable for public health prevention and monitoring. It uses disinfectant spray to sterilize human body, pet, cargo and luggage.

It is made with Aluminum and Composite with an attractive design that has a provision for safe entry and exit with the help of motion sensors. 3 nozzle sprayers optimally placed in the chamber for maximum efficiency and coverage of the human body. Once the system gets activated via motion sensor, the disinfectant sprayed from all the 3 nozzles and sanitization process completed automatically in 15 seconds.  LED lights assist the individual for guidance of entry and exit. 

Key Features
•User friendly and Easy to install
•Size (HxWxD)- 7ft x 4ft x 6ft
•Complete sanitization in 10-15s
•Sensor and Timer based automation
•360° nozzles (3) for full body coverage
•Motor - 100W
•Tank Capacity 20 L
•School / Collage
•Shopping Mall / Market
•Hotels / Resorts
•Automatic body induction device, automatic control of disinfection spray
•180° shower special bowl with nozzle, adjustable outlet direction, no dead Angle
•Transparent PVC door curtain to ensure the disinfection space is closed
•Head to Feet disinfection, thoroughly clean the foot without dead corners.
Independent hand non-contact cleaning, no contact, safe and hygiene
Automatic disinfection function, ensures the equipment cleans itself and avoids cross infection
Industrial safety protection, emergency stop switch, short circuit, leakage protection
Eye wear Protection during disinfection


Disinfection Method

Automatic Body Induction Spray


Aluminum Composite

Disinfection Aisle Width

100 Cm

Size (HxWxD)

213 cm x 121 cm x 182 cm

Operating Voltage

240 V

Rated Power

500 W

Applicable Environment


Container Capacity

20 Liter

Disinfection Duration

10 – 15 Second


CCTV Camera, Eye Wear Glass

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